Shattered Souls and the Prequel Trilogy has Completed

( Listen with AI audio ) Shattered Souls and the Prequel Trilogy has Completed May 24, 2024 Dear Reader, I guess the title gave it away. The last novella in the Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy, Shattered Souls , launched on all the retailers on Wednesday. I hope you got your copy and are deep inside the dream in Elburn Forest near Chicago, Illinois. This adventure ghost romance was fun to write and seriously took my mind off the blunder of locking Grim Dark into an exclusive commitment. I promise never to do that again. Some readers, like me, love the deal with a book bundle or a box set, so I intend to learn how to create book bundles this summer. Once I have the logistics worked out, I intend to run some ads and see what happens. I'll let you guys know if that experience works better than crafting the complete box set like the one I did for Kingdom Rising . I want to try it with the trilogy first. Three small files for three novellas feel easier to work with than the longer miniseri

Pneumonia and Writing

( Listen with AI audio ) Pneumonia and Writing? May 17, 2024 Dear Reader, I contracted pneumonia last weekend. Writing a serious post for this weekend simply hasn't been possible. Have you ever tried writing underwater? That's kind of what it feels like. Allow me to share a few links to some of the creative things I pulled off while wheezing and coughing like a maniac. Video Quotes I created three new video quotes. I always post on YouTube, but I may consider posting these little snippet videos to other places and see what happens. These were fun to create when I could sit up for a bit. Why these? No one knows, but I enjoyed it and am toying with making a few more. Watch and let me know what you think. Quote from Devil's Sins A Quote from Big Bad Wolf A Quote from Druid Ancestry Book Promotion Druid Ancestry launched wide May 9, 2024. If you like your urban fantasy with steamy paranormal romance dark, this tale is the beginning of a new spinoff, dark and twisted miniseries